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A taxpayer’s compliance with revenue authorities is the best way of staying away from trouble. However, it is common to find taxpayers who have serious problems with the tax departments. Matters like this become intricate when dealing with the revenue departments hence seeking the services of a tax attorney can prove to be your lifeline.

How to choose the best IRS Tax Attorney

First, you need to understand what tax attorneys do and the roles they play in your case. To be precise, these kinds of lawyers assists the taxpayer resolve their tax conundrums with the state department of revenue or IRS. Corporate tax attorneys could be highly invaluable to a business or company since they assist you conduct audits and help you with ways of reducing fines caused by tax violations (if any). They play a major role in liens removal while helping your company build trust funds and stock portfolios.

That seems cool but is the idea right for you?

You may save a lot of time when you engage services of a professional attorney who at the same time keep you updated on the latest legislative changes in the government. Do not just seek services on any IRS tax lawyer but also make thorough research on the person you deal with. Peruse their abilities by examining their academic qualifications and experience. You must confirm their membership in famous law associations and the rates they charge. Are they affordable to your business or they do not fit the bill?

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What predisposing factors trigger the need for a tax lawyer?

Tax lawyers possess professional skills in handling tax related issues and representation in tax related cases. The question is; under what conditions do you need these services?

When the IRS issues a criminal investigation charge against you

When you plan to sue IRS over tax related malpractice.

You need attorney’s protection after committing a tax related crime.

You are starting a new business and you need legal intervention on structure and tax requirements that apply.

You have international business and you need solid information on how to handle contracts and other applicable legal matters.

After committing a tax related crime and you need legal representation from a criminal tax attorney.

While seeking independent review of your case with IRS or the revenue authority

The laws governing tax frequently change and are complex in nature. For this reason, individuals and companies need the best tax attorney to handle any legal tax cases.

What to look for before selecting an IRS tax lawyer – Quick tips

Look for experience

They say practice makes perfect thus the longer it is the bigger the experience. Lawyers with a record of handling tax cases over a long period could prove a better choice. Their steady professional career development cultivates their ability to adapt.


Tax experts who focus on a single niche are the best to go for. Avoid experts who work on a dozen areas of tax law and consider settling for specialization rather than multitasking.

Shun guarantees

Slimy “specialists” make fake promises and outlandish claims such as money back guarantee for your cases. The presence of such experts makes it difficult accessing services of professional tax law attorneys. Avoid them!

Actual representations

Is your tax representation lawyer ready to provide actual representation? Most part of the case takes part remotely through emails, phone calls, and filings. Lawyers ready to offer physical representations could be your best choice.

Understand the cost

Avoid experts who offer the cheapest services and focus on quality. The best tax lawyer puts in effort and time to piece up concrete information for a strong defense. Try to weigh cost versus quality before making a decision

Evaluate qualifications

An academic resume with detailed educational background should be necessary. Check out professional affiliations and if they are Certified Tax Resolution Specialists (CTRS) or attorneys.

What are the advantages of using services of an IRS tax attorney?

Confident attorneys provide you with all the details you need to develop faith in their services. They will ask you to present any questions about anything you do not understand. Asking questions should help you rate their ability to handle your problem successfully. A competent tax attorney would meet all your expectations without any reservations on legal matters concerning tax at an affordable cost. Dealing with IRS involves tons of paperwork, factual data and for novices, who probably are, could turn out as a complete nightmare.

IRS tax attorneys make things much simpler by handling the technicalities. They understand how difficult tax cases become for clients without enough knowledge about them. Their negotiation skills are top class compared to any other tax professionals. The negotiation skills of tax attorneys would save you time and energy. The attorneys prepare written responses to the IRS on your behalf saving you valuable time to concentrate with your business. They have power to represent you legally before IRS with or without your physical presence.